Frequently Asked Questions

How do recent locations work?
Anyride will save all ride destinations to "Recent Locations". You can swipe left on any recent location to rename it, add it to favorites, or delete it. You can also clear all your recent locations in "Settings".

Can I see the ride in the Uber/Lyft app before calling it?
Yes! Long press on any fare and it will open directly in the app.

Current bugs/limitations?

  • Anyride does not yet support rides on commuter cards

  • Anyride does not yet support designated pickup/dropoff locations. Long press on a fare in Anyride to open in Uber/Lyft if you'd like to make use of the designated location selector.

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What is Anyride's mission?
Our mission is to promote a healthy and competitive transportation marketplace in the United States and to promote the interests of riders. Americans are fortunate to have multiple rideshare options. In many countries, ride hailing apps have been monopolized so that there's only one (higher priced, lower quality) option. 

We believe transparent comparison of rideshare providers means better prices for riders, more jobs for drivers, and more innovation from rideshare providers.

Other tips for saving money on rideshare?
Uber is currently providing 5% off if you prepay funds into your account. It's a good deal and it works with Anyride (along with all credits/gift balance and promotions). Also, we are not affiliated with it but the FreeBird app occasionally provides good savings on Uber rides.

How can I save money when prices are surging?
"Surge pricing" takes effect based on your pickup location when there are more riders requesting pickup than drivers available to handle them (like after a concert or ballgame, or at a busy airport). Surge pricing multiplies what would otherwise be a normal fare cost by the "surge multiplier". To minimize the extra cost during surge times, consider splitting your journey into two rides: one to get just outside of the surge zone, then another to take you the rest of the way to your destination. If you're calling a long ride these savings can really add up!


What's coming next?
We're working on lots of cool improvements to Anyride, including:
 - Juno and Via support for riders in New York

 - Gett support
 - Pickup/dropoff location change suggestions to optimize fare cost and time.
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I have another question/comments/feedback/bug.
Awesome, we'd love to hear from you anytime! Email us at

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